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Reasons to Give Wink Tax Services A Call When It's Not Income Tax Time

Have you / did you / will you / might you:

1. Change your address
2. Change employers
3. Change your name
4. Get married
5. Get divorced
6. Live apart from your spouse
7. Have a child
8. Adopt a child
9. Put a child in day care
10. Send a child to college
11. Death of a spouse or dependent child
12. Provide a home for a parent or sibling
13. Take a foster child into your home
14. Turn 59
15. Turn 65
16. Turn 70
17. Become disabled
18. Become visually impaired (or your spouse)
19. Receive unemployment compensation
20. Receive disability or sick pay
21. Receive worker's compensation
22. Receive proceeds from lawsuits
23. Receive an inheritance / gift
24. Receive social security for the first time
25. Receive retirement benefits for the first time
26. Withdraw from an IRA for the first time
27. Withdraw from and annuity for the first time
28. Inherit an IRA, pension or annuity
29. Receive / pay alimony
30. Receive jury duty pay
31. Receive election poll compensation
32. Receive a fee as Executor / Personal Representative
33. Serve as a paid trustee
34. Receive a Director fee
35. Win the lottery
36. Win a raffle prize / sweepstakes
37. Win at the casino / racetrack
38. Win on a game show
39. Have high medical expenses
40. Make non-cash charitable contributions
41. Make high-cash charitable contributions
42. Refinance your mortgage
43. Begin using your car for business
44. Change the car used for business
45. Start a business for profit
46. Think about starting a business for profit
47. Hire your spouse / child under 18
48. Purchase / sell business equipment
49. Invest in mutual funds for the first time 
50. Sell personal property at a profit 
51. Sell securities
52. Sell / buy personal residence
53. Redeem Series E/EE Bonds
54. Invest in rental property
55. Sell rental property
56. Purchase farm / equipment
57. Sell farm / equipment 
58. Suffer a casualty / theft loss
59. Create a Living Trust

60. Need a Tax Payer Identification Number - ITIN
61. And last, but not least, receive a notice from the IRS!!


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